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Aguaje pills

what is the Aguaje Curvy Fruit?

Aguaje fruit pills or Aguaje Curvy Fruit pills are a completely natural source of Phytoestrogens, Vitamins, and minerals that enhance the internal and external health of the body, skin, nails, and hair of women like you! helping  to Shape & Define All your Curves in a 100% Natural way since 2010. So prepare to achieve that BIG BOOTY, WIDER HIPS, and  FIRMER BREAST that you WANT! Ask for our special offers in Curvy Fruit pills and we can send it to your location. 

Other Health benefits of the aguaje pills – Curvy Fruit Pills

The aguaje has a high vitamin A-content (beta-carotene), even higher than carrot and spinach. It has antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory functions, as well as helping eye health and maintaining healthy skin.

This Amazonian fruit also contains a high presence of vitamin C, which helps in the absorption of iron and calcium.

The aguaje contains phytoestrogens (plant compounds), which do according to studies have beneficial effects on human health, one of them being a reducer of cancer effect, and whose greatest protective role would be against breast, colon and prostate tumors.

The consumption of phytoestrogen also decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, affecting the heart and blood vessels.

Another of the great benefits of phytoestrogens is the reduction of menopause effects  Research has shown that women who consume foods rich in this compound have a late menopause and fewer disorders. It also helps to balance hormone levels.

How it works?

Phytoestrogens from the Aguaje pills or Curvy Fruit Pills can be easily assimilated by women as if they were Real Estrogen from a 100% Natural Source. This hormone is the one that develops women’s body by Shaping & Defining the Butt, Breast,s, and hips, so the better levels that you have of Estrogen, the curvier you will look (and also Say Bye Bye to PMS too!) Additionally, since Aguaje has very good levels of Vitamin A it will help to you have Stronger hair, Thicker nails, and softer skin.

No conditions exist or reported in which the consumption of Curvy Fruit Pills or aguaje pills may interfere with medications or other substances or any allergy that will cause any health problem.

Ask us for how to combine the pills for better results in your body. Buy now.

aguaje pills & powder

Aguaje Curvy Fruit is available in 2 Presentations: Aguaje Pills  and Aguaje Powder (3.5 oz  & 8.9 oz )  so if now you are wondering which one may work better? Well, they all are the same product and work in the same way! so it would depend more on how you would like to take them. Remember you can mix the Aguaje Powder with any Fruit juice, Protein Shake, or any other beverages you may take and you can also take the pills wherever you go!

aguaje curvy fruit nutritional value

100 g of the Aguaje fruit contains 526 calories, 46% as Carbohydrate, 38.6% from fat and 11% in the form of proteins, it also contains:

·       Fibers (41.9%).

·       A,C,E Vitamins .

·       0.85 mg of riboflavin.

·       2.57 mg of niacin.

·       0.11 mg of thiamine.

·       91 micrograms of carotene.

·       415.4 mg of calcium.

·       69.9 mg of phosphorus.

·       12.9 mg of iron.

How to combine them?

In order to get the best results in your booty, hips or breast area we suggest to combine the aguaje pills or powder with our other products in so you can combine the aguaje pills or Curvy Fruit Pills with the Maca 3 or Black Maca. To get the best results in your booty area or also you can combine the aguaje with the wild hinojo to get better results in your breast area.  Click on any of the following packs to find our more info! Or click the WhatsApp button for buying.