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Black maca


If you’ve been doing squats and lunges but still aren’t getting that enhanced butt that you’ve been after …GOOD NEWS, there is still hope for you with Black Maca! a 100% Natural powerhouse that would enhance curviness, balance hormones in the body, improve body composition and most important MAXIMIZE your Butt Growing in weeks without painful surgeries! Black Maca is for sure your best natural option because of its pretty high levels of DHEA (Butt Growing Hormone), nutrients, and vitamins that will nourish your whole body! You can mix with Aguaje (Curvy Fruit) for better results.

How it works?

Research has shown that body fat both absorbs estrogen and other sex hormones circulating in the blood as well as produces its own sex hormones especially the DHEA (main Hormone for Butt Growing). Black Maca is a pure natural Source of DHEA that will help you to Reactivate your Booty Growing by increasing the fullness of your buttocks. It also helps the body to release an increased level of estrogen and bear in mind that an increase in estrogen levels is tantamount to the increase in fatty deposits in the hips and buttocks

 If you are particular about having a curvaceous body, the Black maca root will be essential for you and your curvy goals, it will boost the estrogen in your system and affect the way your body distributes fat to your Butt! 

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Black Maca of Curvy Fruit is available in 2 Presentations: Black Maca Tablets 600 mg x 100 und & Black Maca Powder 3.9 oz, so if now you are wondering which one may work better? Well, they all are the same product and work in the same way! so it would depend more on how you would like to take them. Remember you can mix the Black Maca Powder with any Fruit juice, Protein Shake, or any other beverages you may take and you can also take the tablets wherever you go!

How to combine it?

In order to get the best results in your booty area, we suggest combining the black maca tablets or powder with our other products. So you can combine the black maca with the Aguaje (natural source of phytoestrogens) to boost the results in your butt or you can also add the Fit C Advance to this duo to also help on getting a Flat Tummy while your booty gets rounded naturally.  Click on any of the following packs to find more info! Or Contact us via WhatsApp for more info and our help if you want to enhance you breast, hips and butt using our products like Hinojo, aguaje and more.

Benefits of consuming Black Maca

Helps the Body Manage Stress. adaptogenic herb, and something all adaptogens have in common is that they can help the body manage environmental stress. Also help stimulate the body’s stress protection system by balancing the body’s hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA).

May Help With Depression. In the study, people who took 3 grams of maca for 12 weeks reported experiencing more of an energy boost than people who didn’t consume.

May Help With Symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause. While more research is needed, a small study found menopausal women who consumed maca experienced fewer hot flashes and night sweats than they did when not consuming it.

Boost Libido. boosting libido is one of maca’s most well-known properties, a connection established by numerous scientific studies.

  • As an adaptogen, maca helps regulate your stress response, which supports hormonal health, blood sugar, sleep cycle, stamina, and cortisol levels, the body’s master stress hormone.*
  • As a superfood, maca provides those previously mentioned energy-supporting nutrients, including iron, vitamin C, zinc, iodine, and amino acids. Iron deficiency or insufficiency is widespread in women of childbearing age and can cause significant fatigue and lack of energy. If you suspect you have an iron deficiency, be sure to consult with your healthcare professional. 
  • A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed maca supported mental and emotional health in mice exposed to stress.  Since better mental health may lead to more energy, this suggests another possible mechanism of action. 

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