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Curvy Detox

Curvy Detox

Curvy Detox Pills

Huamanpinta : Relief gastrointestinal disorders
Canchalagua : Aids digestion and weight loss
Manayupa: Blood cleanser and purifier
Sanky fruit Hight Vitamin C content
Moringa : Lower Cholesterol Levels

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How it works?

 Over time toxins and chemicals build up in our bodies; causing our immune and digestive systems to work inefficiently. This buildup leads to improper metabolic function which leaves your feeling weighed down and lethargic. Detoxing is essential to get your body back to optimal health

 Curvy Detox works in to stop Toxin build-up in the body that prevent your liver from functioning effectively to metabolize fats and to remove toxins. When your liver isn’t at peak efficiency, other systems in your body that play a role in weight control, such as digestion and your cardiovascular system, are also negatively affected.

What are the Canchalagua benefits?

While canchalagua has a variety of uses, it is most well known for what it does for the skin.  It is thought to help regulate hormones and skin oil content which helps control acne and blemishes.  It has been used topically to control pimples, blackheads, eczema and dermatitis.
It is also known as a blood cleanser and as a diuretic for urinary tract problems because it is considered a capillary tonic and has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

What is Sanky?

Sanky has a range of nutrients that make it ideal for the daily diet and for healthy gastronomy. Sanky is characterized by its high vitamin C content, ideal for strengthening the body’s immune system, thus preventing the development of flu and respiratory diseases.

In addition, the intake of this vitamin also prevents the appearance of anemia, since it absorbs iron and retains it in the blood. It helps repair and maintain ligaments, bones and teeth in perfect condition.

The consumption of sanky also guarantees the intake of large amounts of potassium into the body. This mineral –considered a type of electrolyte– contributes to the formation and proper functioning of the muscles; it also eliminates high levels of sodium from the blood stream, thus maintaining the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Fiber also causes a feeling of fullness in the body, thus regulating the anxiety of overeating and slowing down the increase of glucose, bile acids and cholesterol. This makes sanky an ideal food to include in a diet, whether it is to lose weight, fight diabetes or regulate high cholesterol.

Sanky also holds the elixir of youth. Data collected indicates that high levels of antioxidants are concentrated in its pulp, which are responsible for reducing the damage caused by free radicals in the cells. In this way, it prevents the appearance of blemishes on the skin and oxidative stress, which results in premature aging. This wil help Curvy Detox pills to work on your body and help to general health and to your curves.

Capsules & Powder

Curvy Detox helps on repairing your metabolism with the use of his high concentration antioxidants by making them to absorb all the nutrients in a more efficient way, it also helps on cleaning and reactivating your metabolism preparing your body for a Healthy and effective weight loss in 100% Natural way