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Extreme belly fat burner  specially formulated for women that will help you to Lose that stubborn fat and get a flat stomach fast!

What is Fit C Advance? Fit C Advance is a 100% Natural Solution Specially Formulated For WOMEN with ingredients from Peruvian Amazon To Target That Hard TUMMY FAT.

Hercampuri Complex

Amazonian Lipo Tea

Camu Camu Fruit Extract


As you know, belly fat is the most stubborn and unmoveable fat of all specially for women. Well This concept is beginning to change, thanks to FIT C ADVANCE from CurvyFruit #1 Company from Peru specialized only in women products to Shape &Define curves

This supplement contains carefully researched ingredients from the Amazon, used since ancient times making it a perfect SOLUTION to your Flat Tummy goals!


Fit C and Flat Belly

Without sufficient vitamin C, your body is unable to use stored fat, so it still producing fatty tissue for energy, but is unable to use it. This causes a buildup of fat, especially in the tummy and waist areas Fit C will also significantly increase your Vitamin C levels Naturally and in a Fast Way , So say GOOD BYE to that undesired Belly Fat!

Specially made for Her

Natural Active Ingredients

Boost Your Fitness
Curvy Fruit
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Why Choose Us

How it works?

Much research has been conducted on the Hercampuri Plant, proving it to be an extremely powerful weight-loss aid - It raises metabolism and promotes thermogenesis, burning calories and fat like wildfire ! This Brand new Combination of  3 ingredients  works directly on the Fat Burner metabolism by speeding up the way your body eliminates Fat stored on the tummy , the addition of the Hercampuri Complex (Ultra Concentrated) and the Amazonian Lipo Tea helps on lowering Cholesterol levels on blood, Reduces Calories intake and also works as a 100% Natural Detox for your Daily Life  that will help you to BLAST all the undesired Belly Fat in a VERY Short time and a 100% Natural way.


You can train normally

Fat Burner

With Natural ingredients

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