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Enhance your curves effortlessly and naturally

Elevate your beauty with Aguaje Curvy Fruit pills – a potent blend of natural Phytoestrogens, Vitamins, and minerals. Specially crafted to nourish from within, it’s the key to unveiling radiant skin, resilient nails, and luxurious hair. Since 2010, we’ve proudly stood by your side as the go-to ally in your quest to naturally sculpt and define every curve. Prepare to embrace the allure of a fuller, shapelier figure with that coveted BIG BOOTY, WIDER HIPS, and FIRMER BREAST you’ve always desired. Your journey to enhanced beauty begins here.

Discover the powerful benefits of phytoestrogens, including their role in reducing menopausal effects. Research suggests that incorporating phytoestrogen-rich foods into your diet can delay menopause, minimize associated disorders, and promote hormonal balance. Embrace a natural solution for a smoother menopausal transition and enhanced well-being

How it works?

Phytoestrogens from the Aguaje pills or Curvy Fruit Pills can be easily assimilated by women as if they were Real Estrogen from a 100% Natural Source. This hormone is the one that develops women’s body by Shaping & Defining the Butt, Breast,s, and hips, so the better levels that you have of Estrogen, the curvier you will look (and also Say Bye Bye to PMS too!) Additionally, since Aguaje has very good levels of Vitamin A it will help to you have Stronger hair, Thicker nails, and softer skin.

No conditions exist or reported in which the consumption of Curvy Fruit Pills or aguaje pills may interfere with medications or other substances or any allergy that will cause any health problem.

Ask us for how to combine the pills for better results in your body. Buy now.

aguaje curvy fruit nutritional value

Aguaje is hailed as an “Amazonian superfood” and a “curvy fruit” that can enhance female curves. And If you combine it with our Black maca suplemnt, you can boost your results and have the curvy body you always wanted.

100 g of the Aguaje fruit contains 526 calories, 46% as Carbohydrate, 38.6% from fat and 11% in the form of proteins, it also contains:

  • Fibers (41.9%).
  • A,C,E Vitamins .
  • 0.85 mg of riboflavin.
  • 2.57 mg of niacin.
  • 0.11 mg of thiamine.
  • 91 micrograms of carotene.
  • 415.4 mg of calcium.
  • 69.9 mg of phosphorus.
  • 12.9 mg of iron.


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