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Boobie Pack Powder

Boobie Pack Powder


Bigger, Rounder & Firmer Breast Size

(31 days Supply)

     Prepare to get a BIGGERFIRMER, FULLER & ROUNDER Breast  in a 100% Natural way with the combination of  the #1 WORLD FAMOUS Aguaje CurvyFruit  and Wild Hinojo, a very rare variety of the common Hinojo plant that contents 3X TIMES MORE PROLACTIN HORMONE  to lift and refine your bust line without having to resort to dangerous and expensive surgical procedures

Recommended Dosage:

1/2 teaspoon from each bag a day, 20 minutes before meals if possible


  • Aguaje Powder: 3.5 Oz
  • Wild Hinojo Powder: 4.9 Oz

Time to Get the Perfect Curves!

(31 Days Supply )

The Ultimate Combination for getting a Bigger Butt, Fuller Breast, Wider Hips, and a flat tummy! this Brand New pack includes 1 bag of LMC ULTRA CONCENTRATED POWDER MIX that contains 3x the amount of active ingredients from Aguaje, Maca 3, and Wild Hinojo plus 1 bottle of Fit C Advance and Curvy Detox, for helping on burning undesired belly fat and also to boost weight loss, so prepare to say hello to the desired Bikini Body!

Recommended Dosage:

  • Powder: 1/2 teaspoon a day,  20 minutes before meals if possible
  • Pills: 1 Pill from each product, 3 times a day before meals if possibles

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